The Zoo-Zoos is money down the drain

A visit to the Vodafone service center followed countless messages on the phone saying I would have to submit documents proving who I was. I acquiesced knowing we live in times where security is paramount. I wouldn't want anyone misrepresenting me when it comes to my phone, and so despite the fact it would be a pain going to the Vodafone center, I did.

At the Vodafone service center I am given a token number so I can wait my turn at the counter, as part of a sequence. There aren't too many chairs so I plonk onto a ledge and wait for what seems like an eternity. The service personnel seemed to be attending to customers the way they would've toured Disneyland. Nice, slow and easy is the way they were doing it. Mercifully I get my turn and I give in the required documents to the lady at the counter.

While at the center I spied the now famous Zoo-Zoo pictures on the wall. These cutesy little things had become quite a favourite amongst TV viewers with even a facebook account that had drawn many. But the sight of the Zoo-Zoos wasn't cutting much ice with me. Weathering a wait, I was prompted to think of the monumental waste that was Zoo-Zoos. Sure it was good viewing till some time on TV. But the fact is, they had done nothing to change what I felt about Vodafone's poor service. If they did want someone like me to feel good about their services they should have canned the money they wasted on Zoo-Zoo commercials, and instead put it where it really mattered. Into their service centers which were far more responsible for consumer attitudes.

Sure I agree, communicating via commercials is required so the brand remains alive in consumer memory. But what Vodafone forgot or maybe doesn't know is, should I as a consumer encounter superlative service at their service centers, the brand would have, through that one act of 'delight' seared into my long term memory, and stayed there till kingdom come.

Tell you what, the likes of Zoo-Zoos are a waste of money. What really gives a brand a payback is its treatment of consumers.

Treat 'em right and your overflowing coffers will be a source of delight.


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