IPL India's pride? What 'bout Lux & Lifebuoy?

All this talk about Lalit Modi being the marketing genius is hogwash. Two reasons why. One, IPL wasn't the pioneering one as a new cricket format in India. It was ICL. Two, IPL ensured it remained a monopoly. They called ICL 'unsanctioned' and used the 'ban' threat on ICL players to shut it down.

Since when is a monopoly considered a marketing triumph?

A monopoly like IPL should instead be seen for what it really is. A house of conniving convenience that has the usual politician-private business nexus to ensure its the only one around. Who's the biggest loser in all of this? The citizen who's now forced back into socialist days where his only choice used to be a monopoly.

The IPL franchise owners on their part are playing the 'marketing card' to near perfection in defending Lalit. It shouldn't be no surprise they are throwing their weight behind Lalit, because they have seen their team valuations rise astronomically. Preity Zinta last night on TV followed in the traditions of her other franchise owners by calling IPL India's pride. In doing so she played smart by making it seem as if the league's not about the money she or the others were making, but about how it was for the millions of cricket fans in India. Her 'take' is jarringly smart. Because the marketing rule says that products and services aren't about the companies they come from, or make money for, instead they're about consumers. Preity turned the marketer by playing an emotional card in presenting the IPL circus as India's pride. Something for the people, of course, not for us.

If IPL, the product from a bunch of self serving private parties and politicians is the pride of India, what about the likes or Lux and Lifebuoy? I know they are soaps. But they've been around too. Far longer than IPL and serving the Indian pretty well. Shouldn't they also be presented as India's pride?

I say yes. What say you?


Its a shame actually to call it a pride. These people just say whatever they feel like.
With the concept from ICL, and the name from EPL, everything seems to be stolen...oops...'inspired'.
Niraj said…
Absolutely agree with you sir. there is nothing original abt the IPL. Everything has been adopted from elsewhere and presented in a way like never before. All old wine in shining new bottles.

However, IPL has managed to capture the imagination of the cricket frenzy Indians, which ICL could not do.

Is IPL good for India - Yes

Is IPL the pride of India - Hell NO

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