Prism Salvation: Social Media Domination

The other day, Mike Saunders invited me to answer questions from students of his Consumer Behaviour class at the Maranatha Baptist Bible College.

You can listen to the Q&A here.

Also, Mike's got a great book, 'The Prism Salvation: A 3-Step Solution to Social Media domination for Busy Business Owners', that you can check out, here. There's even a free chapter (for download) that you can get from Mike's book.


Loved the Q&A series... Reminds me of the days when we were your students.

Is there a chance that we can be a part of your classes, once in a while - just to re-live the times? :)
Ray Titus said…
Thanks, Ashutosh, appreciate it :)

...n of course you can, though I'd also be the one wanting to learn...there's so much you guys can bring from the industry into the classroom...

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