The right to produce, to consume

Can you believe it? The idiots tried to shut the country down because they were protesting against price rise! The tragedy is, they succeeded in certain states in the country.

Can you believe it? They try and shut down the one activity that's at the heart of low prices. Production and consumption. The more producers produce, the more consumers consume, prices drop. Yet its that one critical act of production-consumption that was shut down across six states in India. All in the name of protesting against price rise.

Of course, big manufacturers will be able to absorb the loss caused by the hartal, but what about the small scale producer-seller? His revenues for the day are gone forever. Many a small business owner (include kirana stores, roadside sellers, push-cart traders) would have had their families go hungry today because they were forced not to manufacture or sell. What travesty of fundamental rights!

The right to protest is fundamental to a democracy. But forcible stoppage of the act of production-consumption under the guise of a protest is downright illegal. More importantly its a travesty of justice, of rights.

Our rights to produce and consume.


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