What brands can learn from Shashi Tharoor

The Shashi Tharoor saga continues. The latest is Tharoor talking to Barkha Dutt of NDTV. And the class act that Shashi is came through loud and clear, in the interview.

Amongst the crassness that dominates both politics and business in India, Shashi stands tall. More so as he is such a contrast. He can talk, most can't. He is suave and sophisticated, and his endearing personality is such a welcome change. Yet that's exactly why he's under fire. From fellows who don't have the looks, can't talk for nuts, and for whom sophistication is as alien as unidentified flying objects.

I am glad Shashi came on mainstream media to present his version. The timing was just right. The content of his talk was strong on logic and his body language was near perfect. Shashi's interview will go a along way in establishing an image that will have as a fallout, favorable perceptions about him. Of course, the baying for his blood will continue. But to the larger viewer, Shashi would have come off as a forthright, decent man. I for one, believe he is.

Communicating to a target audience is a must for brands. More so when there's negative publicity flying thick and fast. Of course, at times staying silent may also be the right response. But when there's a need to talk, brands must. What they must get right is the timing, content and the image.

Shashi got it right. And that's because, as he says, he had nothing to hide.


Nice post.
I agree it has to be at the right time, in the right degree, but what I cant understand is how the outcome would be.

When things have gone wrong, and when you dont have anything to hide, like Shashi claims, which I myself am sure that he does not have anything to hide - people's emotions take over the cognition and hence it becomes difficult for them to think/act rationally.

How do you think brands can figure out if it is the right time, especially during turbulence?

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