What's common to Electricity Board & Sellers?

The horrible power scene in Bangalore reminds me of sellers.

When the load shedding's applied by the Electricity Board, its done dot on time. When the power's supposed to be back, usually after a lifetime, it takes its sweet time. Meanwhile we sweat it that big bit longer.

Sellers, at the time of the sale go on an overdose of saccharine promising us the moon. We acquiesce and buy. Then when its time for a service, if you can get past the call center, consider yourself lucky. In fact tell you what, it'll be quite a while before you can have them respond to your calls for help.

Our LG refrigerator's got a broken freezer door for as long as I can remember. Where are the LG service guys? Dunno, they've gone into hiding I guess!

Welcome to a citizen and a customer's life.


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