Communism & the canard of Social upliftment

That's it. This was last straw. Maoists (alleged for now) blowing up rail tracks to cause collisions which takes sixty five innocent lives reveals these commies for who they really are. Thugs.

When was the time commies ever did anything about social upliftment? Other than uplifting their own lives to levels of unbelievable wealth, when the rest of the country lived in penury, they've done nothing. Oh yes, I mustn't forget. In the process they butchered millions of innocents. Wanna know more? Look to the erstwhile communist nations and their leaders. They're the best examples of murderous thugs who wiped out entire generations whilst enjoying unbelievable wealth.

Imagine being named after a murderer like Mao. What kind of social upliftment can such a band of people bring? Tell you what, their actions are proof to their intent. Stop us citizenry from going about our lives as producers and consumers. Foist a murderous regime to rule over us and loot our hard earned wealth. That's what they really want.

Its time they are stopped, and their canard of social upliftment revealed for what it really is. Butchering Innocent citizens through acts of sabotage is not a harbinger to social equality. Its the start to anarchy.


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