Culture be damned, its the Law that matters

'So far as their demands of banning same gotra/village marriages is concerned, we should respect their custom and emotions. The culture of villages is opposite of what we see in cities; hence, there should not be any comparison between the two. Prohibiting such marriages is part of our culture and customs; how can such marriages be allowed against the sentiments of villagers, especially those in villages?'

That's Naveen Jindal's take on Khap panchayats. I think I am going to be sick. Sentiments of villagers, huh? Such sentiments if they come in the way of the law of the land, they can go out of the window along with the culture they represent. The problem with such cultural interpretations is they open a window for many such warped logic to worm its way into modern day society.

I have already in the past written about the idiocy in letting morality guide anything. Instead its the law that must hold, and be above everything else. Its the same when it comes to business too. Consumers mustn't be denied products and services in the name of morality. If the law's fine with the sale of a product or service, though Khap panchayats, Naveen Jindal and their likes aren't, they can go fly a kite.

For us to fold under the weight of warped cultural logic is a pity. Because that would mean we are deprived of what are universal liberties, sans cultural interpretations. Such as our right to products and services.

And of course, our choice of a mate.


Unknown said…
There is one thing that every individual owns, but chooses whether or not to use - the Almighty Brain. According to me, logic is something that is a given. No matter what youre're parents/relatives/'society' have drilled into your brain initially, after a certain age the brain always - and might i say, Without Fail - knows right from wrong with the help of one thing - LOGIC. Every time we take a decision, logic is what should govern that decision. Be it choosing a 'Whitening Cream' (just don't get it!!) or a government. Our lives are in our hands if we want them to be.. In the same way, we can choose to live according to what goons think is right and choose them over and over again every year. Villagers/Small townners too without dispute know logical from illogical. Its the people after all. If they want to choose being under the Brit raj of this generation, just because they get beer and rice to support their rally and vote for them, then they will have to deal with the consequences as well.

Jaago India Jaago!
Unknown said…
disadvantage of democracy, i thimk jindal know's it is wrong but for votes........

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