Entertainment Product or Racist Propaganda?

When a movie turns into propaganda and treads with deliberate intent into law and order territory, it ceases to be an entertainment product. It also means its time it is dealt with.

Its about time 'Machete' was dealt with. Despite its gory content, in principle I have no problems with violence on screen. After all, as consumers we have within us the right not to consume, to not watch a movie if we so think. But like I said, 'Machete' goes beyond being just an entertainment product. It turns into law breaking propaganda. The movie trailer features its lead actor Danny Trejo mouthing an obscene warning to Arizona, the state that's currently under siege for its tough immigration law. Machete's movie content glorifies race wars in a manner that's deeply disturbing. What's even more outrageous is the public funding that went into making the movie. Imagine that. Tax cuts extended so we can feed on bloodshed mongering.

When products and services go rogue, plus feed on socialist help, society ends up with a problem on its hands. Of course, artistic licenses must be protected. But then they mustn't be used to abet acts that have no place in civilised society, like stoke a call to race wars. When a product does that it loses its freedom to be out there in the consumer space in its original form. But I'd again recommend caution, because it mustn't be that regulators decide what we as consumers watch or experience. Self regulation is the best way out.

About tax incentives and location access provided by Texas Film Commission for dangerous garbage like 'Machete', I can't think of a worser use of socialist policies. About people who watch such garbage, I can't think of a lousier way to waste time.


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