Think trade's helped, then 'like' this video

Trade's a great thing. Its what helps us enjoy products and services that we wouldn't otherwise have had if we stuck only to what we as a country produce.

Mathew's got this great video based on his research on how trade's facilitated among countries and how it can be made more efficient. The video's also up for a research competition. To win, it has to have maximum no. of 'likes' in its favour. To take a watch please go here.

In order to register your 'like' for the video this is what you can do. On Facebook, (you should have an account) you have to first become a fan of the AIT group. To do that, you have to take your cursor on the video (accessed from the link above) to the top left hand side where you'll find a small box which says, 'become a fan of Asian Institute of Technology'. Once you've done that, you would have to refresh the page. And once the new page has been loaded you will find the 'like' option for the video (the like option will be below the video), which you can click and register your 'like'.

At the end you can make a quick check at this link to confirm your 'like' for the video.

If trade's helped you, register your 'like', help Mathew.



Matz said…
Hi Ray,
Competetion over. We came 2nd position.
Unfortunately, no prizes for that postion.
Anyways, you can take off this post now.

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