A time to grieve

Our sorrow's just doubled. First it was the crash from the skies, then it was the tracks. That's two in two weeks. I think it'll be a while for us to recover.

Despite the pain, life goes on, must go on. Even Marketing life.

But then its always good we acknowledge the difficult times these are. Marketers too. That means staying silent so people can grieve. This is lousy time to be vocal. For us, as for marketers. Take for example today's headlines and the picture that accompanied it. A li'l girl being lifted out of a mangled train makes for depressing viewing. The story that follows tells us about two li'l girls, twins, found dead in each other's arms, within the mangled mess. Its heartbreaking. Numbing.

And then as you scan the page and move down, you see an advertisement. Your mood's like a dark heavy cloud. The last thing you want is to be talked to by marketers. All you want is to be left alone to grieve.

As much as its important to know what to talk, when to is as, if not more critical. Marketers make the mistake of concentrating too hard on the content of their communiques, not the timing. But timing's important too. During times of tragedy when the mood's down, its better to hold back on marketing communiques. Else the recipient may not notice, or even if he does, he may turn his anger on to it. Its a thin line between grief and anger.

When a nation grieves, its time to stay silent.

On the marketing front too.


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