What Volkswagen Polo got just right

Trying to sell a car to the Upper middle class consumers in India? Go big on driving home functional value, on as many parameters as possible. Throw in the lure of a premium brand at a competitive price, and you have a winner.

Who do I think is doing this near perfect?

Volkswagen Polo. In India.


Adithya said…
just to add to this discussion, intersetingly the POLO has been launched at around the same time as the Ford FIGO both falling under the same category with significant price differences.(POLO being costlier). Inspite of the premium brand lure which you have mentioned sir, the FIGO has been able to enter about 50000 bookings vs 10000 for the POLO. Indian consumers in my view are still in the "practical" mode rather than the aspirational one like in US and Europe. All said and done VW has got the srategy right.
Ray Titus said…
Agree...tho' it was expected.

Polo goes after the creamy layer in the Indian middle class....Figo works the 'middle' chunk...tho' Polo surely wants that chunk too...after all the numbers aren't in the creamy layer.
Adithya said…
accepted sir. true. can only wait and watch how the POLO performs and hopefully does not fall into the "hole"!!
Adithya said…
sir, can this also be said that numbers in the creamy layer are increasing at an alarming rate and affordability levels are rising? and thus the rationale of targeting that segment?

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