Why Barack won, Nick Clegg didn't

Nick Clegg's poor showing wasn't expected, at least not the way it turned out for him and his party. But then it seems to prove what's logical. That smooth talk alone cannot pull it off for you in a parliamentary system of government. It could have, should it have been the presidential kind. After all, didn't community organiser Barack sweep the American election?

I have to be careful in pronouncing death to personality and its influence in the parliamentary electoral system, because in India, I firmly believe part of Congress party's pull came from them having a decent, dignified Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Ministerial choice.

In the UK, as in India, its local issues that will drive local choice of representatives. This means any campaign has to be customised to respond to local issues. For example, in India I can't think of any issue that's pan Indian. Almost all are specific, and local.

Marketers too, when they face a consumer populace in a country like India (maybe not the UK) have to know there needs to be a strong element of localisation applied to their marketing mixes. To get the whole country to buy, its important they win the local populace using a mix that's customised. Grab consumers at that level, you win a nation's consumers.


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