Blame the Burger or Blame Me?

Had the misfortune of missing a road sign that read, 'No Free Left Turn' and paid the price. The traffic police lay waiting for momentarily blinded riders like me. They pull me over and charge me. For a moment I protest because I genuinely didn't see the sign, plus I ain't the signal jumping types. But then I shut up and pay, after all I had transgressed. Though I must say, it felt like entrapment, the police lying in wait and all. Did they know they would get suckers like me on that bend? It sure felt so.

Consumers who complain of entrapment by marketers don't have a say like me. After all, the signs they needed to read were all there. Maybe on the package, in the store or even in the communiques. And even if the marketer weren't forthcoming, there's public sources that put information out there.

So the next time you complain about fast food making you obese, shut up. Because its you who's eating it. Wanna get McDonald's to shut down? Stop eating their burgers. As long as you can't do that, you've no right to complain. Just like if the sign weren't there, I could'ave ranted.

But the damn things are out there for us to see. If we can't see it or heed it, why fret it?


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