Rejoice for the Idiot Brigade

The thing about celebrities is, their idiocy is unparallelled. Over years the idiot brigade has only gotten bigger. The latest one to show off his lack of cognitive abilities and decorum is Paul McCartney.

Accepting the Gershwin price, McCartney took a cheap shot at former President George Bush. I am outrged. Didn't Paul know Bush was the first president with an MBA form Harvard? Of course, for the loony liberals Bush 'fixed' his way into Harvard. For a moment if that's to be believed, how in the blazes did he graduate? Did he fix his grades?

Liberals and Leftists sans brains are desperate to believe about Bush what's true about their own selves. And so the bashing goes on. Of course there's always a silver living. Such idiocy is perfect prey for marketers to make hay. Wanna have the liberal eating out of your hands? Use communiques with an overdose of some liberal cause. Plus, get a cognitively challenged celebrity to mouth the message. Make him/her say things like, 'Save the Planet' or 'Save the Moose'. Remember in India, some time ago, Abhishek asked us to switch our lights off. Such idiocy and voila, you have a mass movement, guaranteed.

Yeah, lotsa moolah too.


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