Robbing Peter to pay Paul

'It is only from the safety of the regulated economy, in which governments pick up the pieces when business screws up, that people like Dr Ridley can pursue their magical thinking. Had the state he despises not bailed out his bank and rescued its depositors’ money, his head would probably be on a pike by now. Instead we see it on our television screens, instructing us to apply his irrational optimism more widely. And no one has yet been rude enough to use the word discredited.'

George Monbiot tears into Matt Ridley for his tame desire for Government funds for a bailout. What can I say, George its your time in the sun!

But I have a question. Ridley aside, ever been in debt, George? Ever had the state bail you out? No? Why then should the government, fat on citizenry taxes bail out a business firm? Oh, I get it, because numerous livelihoods are at stake?!

I have another question, George. How many livelihoods do you think must be at stake for a bailout? I guess, One ain't the number because bet the government's never bailed you or me out. So, what's the number? 20....50....a hundred?

Bailouts are a shame. Because they use citizen money to prop up inefficient business firms. Socialist George can part with his money, build a trust for bailouts. The rest of his liberal socialist friends can join in. My problem starts only when he takes my money. Making me part with my money for a bailout in the name of saving livelihoods isn't just a pity, its daylight robbery.

Because it robs me of my rightful livelihood. One that I earned myself.


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