The salvation in Anglicized Consumption

Ethnic strife is both shocking and disgusting. Slaughter in the name of ethnic differences is a blot on humanity. Sure, its a complicated maze of issues that are at the heart of such violence. But despite that, there must be way out. The world the way we know it today, is more advanced than any time in the past. Technology and its applications are almost magic. Yet amidst this dazzling array of the gizmos and the world they create, lies a primitive orientation that lives on.

Blame it on what otherwise is touted a miracle. Cultural Diversity. At the heart of social conflicts lie sub-cultures, their pulls and diktats. At times they are as benign as the desire for a certain kind of food we are used to. At other times they explode in violence that even takes 'cleansing' proportions.

Right now the Uzbek minority is fleeing an alleged Kyrgyz progrom. Hundred lives have already been lost. How disgusting. Again, right now Manipur is reeling under a blockade from the Nagas. Its been two months now. How appalling.

What or who's to blame? Culture and its consequences.

Is there a solution? Maybe not. Maybe yes. If one were to approach the problem by logic, the answer lies in erasing culture and its consequences, and replacing it with something that's universal and boringly standard. What would I call that? 'Anglicized Consumption'. The best bet we have in moving away from culture related madness is by bringing in a language that's universal, and an activity that's time consuming. That way I ain't different from you, because we speak English and think English, and I as well as you are dogged in our pursuit of work that gives us enough money to turn consumers. So as the lights go out, I am not on streets baying for blood, instead am curled up watching reality TV.

Places free of strife are those that have embraced a culture of anglicized entrepreneurship. Anglo-Saxon rules that govern the world of commerce and parallel world of consumption bring in social stability and decency. Sure there are exceptions. But like I said, the best bet for peace is if the Krygyz learned English and integrated with the rest of the world in the pursuit of production and consumption. Then maybe they wouldn't stoke a progrom. Similarly, if the Nagas were at home watching reality TV maybe they wouldn't out blocking highways.

I know, its a far shot. Maybe even a pipe dream. After all culture is like second skin. It isn't easy shedding it.

But it sure is a plausible thought. What say?


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