To do Emotion or not to

When it comes to emotions, our problem isn't as much knowing how to keep it in check, as knowing when to exhibit it and when not to. Scenarios that call for calm may see us blowing our top, and times when legitimate anger is called for has us staying mum. The ability to rein in emotions or let 'em loose depending on the reading of a context and knowing what is apt, is indeed rare. In fact this is part of what emotional intelligence is about.

Marketing contexts too call for such discernment. Take communiques for example. Having it drip with emotion may be called for at times. Because the connect to be established with the consumer runs on emotional lines. The extraordinary Pantene commercial tries to do that with its content and strap line, 'You can shine'. But at other times keeping emotional content in check and presenting the brand on cold calculated rational appeals makes sense. Especially when the respondent is at his rational best. This may be because he's evaluating the brand on a 'value-for-money' plank. A retail chain like Wal-Mart drives such a rational argument exteremely well with its 'Every Day Low Prices' stance.

For men as for marketers, discernment is the key. To do emotion or not to, 'tis the question. The one who gets the answer right, gets the response right.


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