What Hath Harvard Wrought!

'What has Harvard wrought? Perhaps it is time to rethink our notion of "smart" -- both in education and the world outside. Perhaps the small people (also known as dumb people) are the smart people...and the smart people are the dumb people. When you see the wreckage that is Washington, the lack of respect for individuals, the rejection of constitutional principles that have produced unparalleled freedom and prosperity -- "he's a Harvard man" takes on new meaning...

Smart people may, in fact, be the ones without the pointy heads. No great thoughts, no radical theories to remake society and our relationships. Just belief in the God-given rights and talents of individuals who, through the collectivity of individual decisions, are smart enough to come up with evidence-based solutions.

What hath Harvard wrought? Too much I-know-better-than-you over-thinking, for one thing. There comes a time when doing trumps thinking.

To use an example from the global warming debate, there comes a time when even a Harvard man or woman should recognize cow flatulence for what it is: excess gas. Not the severe environmental threat that the great minds at Cornell University seem to think; nor evidence of global warming, as Harvard-trained Al Gore and various Obama officials claim; and not even a metaphor for human mating rituals, as at least one deep thinker on the faculty of University of California, Berkeley appears to suggest.

Maybe it is time for the president and his Ivy League transformers to understand what Sigmund Freud, who did not attend Harvard, understood so long ago:

Sometimes a fart is just a fart.'

- Stuart Schwartz, 'Obama's Washington: What Hath Harvard Wrought!'


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