Why brands must engage in Social Engagement

When Mark Zuckerberg says that 'ad industry should build great products in a social way' and that 'everything will revolve around people and being social and facilitating is key', he's got a point worth noting.

Here's why.

The 'social' part being the key to engaging people aka consumers is because marketer content is going to be drowned out by people-consumer driven social content. There are two reasons to this. One, consumer content will explode because consumers in droves are taking to content creation which is then easily accessible to everyone else who is connected to a 'network' via a device. But the more important reason as to why social content will drown marketer content is because of a perception of greater credibility. Who'd you like to listen to before you buy a product? The marketer or a user-consumer? The latter, of course.

Social media content credibility will soon displace marketer content credibility. Which is why its time brands engage consumers on this space, and be genuine and truthful while at it.


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