Why Public Services & Brands exist

Three days of grappling with bureaucratic requirements so my parents, former Armed Forces personnel, can buy a refrigerator, and we give up. Because we're convinced the damn pen-pushers won't move a muscle so a fellow peer can benefit. Welcome to the world of public services.

How pathetic. The people who need to be celebrated (because they earn out of productive hard work, save and spend) are the ones standing in queues to be lorded over by pen-pushers whose salaries come out of taxes collected from the very same queuing citizenry.

Reminds me of arrogant brands and brand makers (read, Ad. agency folks and their like). Brands amount to nothing sans those who make a brand what it is. Consumers. Its consumers who make or break brands. Not brands themselves or agencies behind them. If a brand amounts to something its because consumers fete it through consumption. If consumers go back on their buys, kaput, the brand's dead as a dodo.

Great public services are ones that respond to those that are the very reason why the services in the first place exist. Tax-payers. Similarly, great brands are those that don't preen about on the communiques their agencies craft, instead focus on delivering value to the only entity that matters.



Unknown said…
The key facet is accountability. In the case of commercial enterprises the customer can switch brands on the next purchase occasion. But, what do you do with under-performing public services? Citizens can complain to higher authorities and hope for redressal. Better still, use the media and ensure adverse publicity!
sheriffshooter said…
Just wanted to drop a note to say i enjoy your writing.
Ray Titus said…

The publicity part is certainly worth a try...but there's the risk of the weight of the bureaucracy bearing down on you. After all, when's the time government initiated change because realisation dawned...?


Thank you...much appreciate it.

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