The Branding Lesson from Wikileaks

Now I am not sure if everything on Wikileaks is believable, but one thing's for sure, Wikileaks is a perfect example of how to build a brand with zero communication spend. Again, I don't know if Wikileaks material puts lives at risk, as the Pentagon claims, but you surely gotta give it to them for having conjured up a service that's now on the radar of every major news organisation.

The irony is, Wikileaks possibly couldn't ever have been able to design a communication plan that would have got it the publicity it currently enjoys. That is, if they had designed it, it would've failed. The fact is, they stuck to (read, focused) what they wanted to do. That is, do the 'leaks'. Word spread. On its own (read, media and users did it for them). And so now we all know.

Goes to show how important it is to be 'remarkable' in what ever it is that you as a brand do. As Seth Godin says, being something 'worth making a remark about'. If its worth making a remark about, sit back and have a zero Ad or Communication spend. For 'remarks' will be made. Word will be spread.

Wikileaks is an example to brands on how word can spread on its own. Currently, the world we live in is an over-communicated one. Populated with Ad-guys barking up wrong trees. Which I also think says something about the brands being barked about. Doesn't it?

Not worthy making a remark about?

You decide.


Vijayant Dhaka said…
Hi Prof...absolutely right in bringing it up..Wikileaks doesn't have to spend a single penny on their promotions..well most of the media houses are themselves doing that and people like me get redirected to the homepage naturally..
Ray Titus said…
Hey Vijayant,

Yup, at times the media ensures all traffic flows to a site...Wikileaks in this case.

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