A Dad who deserves to die

Beastly behaviour though rare (or is it?) is quite alive and 'kicking'. Take the case of 34-year-old Alex McGowen Duncan who beat his six year son to death because the boy would not fall asleep. What made the story heartbreaking for me is reading that the li'l boy because of the unconditional love he had for his father, would often tell him, ‘I love you daddy.' And in return what he got makes me literally sick.

I am a father myself, to a three and a half year old son. The joy he brings to his mom and me is indescribable. Of course his naughty self at times is bothersome, but knowing he is at his vulnerablest and innocent best only enhances the love we feel for him. In fact, I am most disappointed in my own self when I unfairly chide him for a behaviour that's so natural to a boy his age. I am then struck by my own admission of frailty (read, inability to manage my own emotions).

No child deserves anything other than mature nurturing from parents. Because its that nurturing that will set the foundations for adult behaviour. Extend that even to consumption behaviour. Consumer Socialisation of children is a term used to describe this phenomenon. It is a process by which children acquire the skills. knowledge, attitudes and experiences necessary to function as consumers. Many pre-adolescent children acquire their consumer behaviour norms through observation of their parents and older siblings, who function as role models and sources of cues for basic consumption learning.

Six year old Tekerrious Jackson was denied the chance of adulthood because he endured two weeks of abuse that culminated in a fatal eight hour beating at the hands of his father. That is unforgivable criminal behaviour. I don't care what you feel about death penalty. If there's one case that deserves it, this is it.


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