'Exfoliating' in soaps is a 'Point of Difference'

This is quite the soapy story, so proceed at your own risk.

I spy this soap in our home pantry and its called 'No Marks Scrub Soap'. Its supposed to be an exfoliating soap. I am intrigued and so give it a try. My experience with the soap brings back childhood memories of bathing at a stream. Invariably at such times the damn soap would slip out of my li'l hands and fall on to the muddy bank. Retrieving it and continuing meant using a muddy-sandy soap with a sandpaper feel on your skin. 'No Marks' Scrub Soap feels just the same.

I am thrilled. Here's an extended brand from Ozone Ayurvedics (extension of the No Marks Face cream) that's brought in a unique selling proposition that acts as a 'point of difference' in the soap category. Exfoliating as an attribute is new to soaps. Never mind that meaning a sandy soap. The concept and the subsequent positioning is brilliant. A soap that can clear away dead cells and leave your skin glowing with fresh cells in place is an appealing idea.

Now I don't care too much for soaps, but Alphy has bought into the exfoliating idea. In terms of communiques, currently I feel No Marks isn't doing much. That isn't wise. I think a Marketing communication campaign is in order for the soap. Hope the campaign hits the market soon. Here's wishing the brand the best.


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