Happy B'day America

'If you do one thing this weekend, go online and look up the Declaration – and that of the old Soviet constitution. Let the distinctions sink in. The Soviet promises may at first sound familiar – freedom of press, religion, speech, assembly. But then there are promises of education, health care, care in old age, right to work, leisure, housing, cultural benefits – all government gifts. Note this phrase: "Enjoyment of the rights and freedoms of citizens must not be to the detriment of the interests of society or the state." What the central power gives it also can take.

Now review the Declaration of Independence. It is a pledge that government exists to protect each and every person's foundational liberties. I've traveled and interviewed political leaders around the world, and this is America's signal distinction, they tell me: What makes America different is that a person's rights are not conferred by government; they are natural...

This is so important, in fact, that the Declaration calls upon the people to exercise the unique ability and duty to revolt if and when liberties are seized by government...

Today, let's reaffirm our commitment to liberty and the limited role of government. Let's understand what makes the United States different from most other democracies and non-democracies the world over. While enjoying Fourth of July celebrations, let's remember that to enjoy these indulgences of life and happiness, we must first have liberty. Fortunately, 234 years ago our liberty was declared for us; our job now remains to ensure it.'

- Brian Calle, 'We must preserve our gift of freedom'.


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