Karma Chameleon

Sudeshna's career advice to someone who's lost a job and cant' find another,

'To get your career back on track, I’d advise you to aim lower from your earlier profile. After your first experience, it sounds like you don’t present yourself in the right manner. Nor do you seem to have the survival skills essential for fresher MBAs – which is, fundamentally, lie your way through a job you have no idea how to do, be popular (even if incompetent) with juniors, schmooze with bosses and shift the blame faster than it hits your inbox. It seems your B-school didn’t teach you how to do bumf as well as it should have...'


I get it. This is like Marketing advice. Be what your consumer wants you to be. Be the karma chameleon, at least till the time your company wants you to be?

Read Sudeshna's complete answer here.


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