Play expressions of what isn't talked about

After two and half years, the time came for therapy to end. It was Eric, the eldest boy, who seemed to express most clearly what they were all feeling. He had drawn a picture of a fierce but funny monster. He showed it to Scharff, who asked what it was.

"Its called therapy torture," Eric said grinning. "But there's another picture of him on the other side." He turned over the paper, where he had drawn the same monster with huge eyes, and tears running down his cheeks.

"What is he feeling so sad about?" Scharff asked.

"He's sad because he can't come here anymore."

Again Scharff was struck by how wise children can be, expressing through their play what their parents had been unable to talk about. Taking Eric's lead, the whole family was then able to share their sadness at parting form an experience that had helped them all.

- Recovering from Recovered Memories ('The Mummy at the Dining Table').


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