Why Lindsay can't ever be Marilyn

Lindsay's insufferable antics moved into new territory with her stenciled fingernails in court. Of course, the idea was to keep her controversial self alive. After all, that's food for her celebrity status. But what Lindsay's really done is move from 'controversial' to 'trash'. And in doing so she's I believe, lost out on probable sympathy, to now inherit repulsive infamy.

Lindsay isn't and will never be a Marilyn. Despite Marilyn's tryst with controversy she remained in the eyes of an adoring public, an object of both sympathy and admiration. Marilyn was wronged. She DID no wrong. Lindsay on the other hand knowingly did wrong. And so instead of the hankies, its the knives that are out.

Brands courting controversy is good for publicity. Brands knowingly doing wrong may get the publicity they want, but in addition earn brickbats and disgust from a public shocked and repulsed by the antics. The fallout's a certain loss of followers, thus lost patronage.

As Andrea Peyser exhorts, 'Blubbering, bawling mega boob Lindsay Lohan doesn't deserve a speck of your sympathy or support, nor a dollop of respect. What Linz desperately needs is a swift kick in the teeth, a foot in the backside and a broom with which to clean up her many messes, which I would not touch with a full-body condom...

I fear that Lindsay will soon be back on the streets and freeways and in our faces, posing a disgraceful example to young women everywhere who just want to catch an honest break.

There is one sure-fire cure.

Don't see her movies. Don't rent her videos. Starve Lindsay Lohan.

It's the only way.'


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