The diversity in Indian Shopping Behaviour

The diversity of India is reflected in its different buying seasons. Most of north and west India buys during Diwali, but many regions have their own festivals. People from Kerala buy during Onam in August. Tamil Nadu shoppers shop during Pongal in February. Baisakhi in April is important in Punjab. Durga Puja in October is the peak season in Bengal.

Indian retailers have tried to move shoppers away from the single shopping season mentality. They would love to have Memorial Day sales, Labor Day sales and Thanksgiving sales like retailers in the U.S. India’s retailers have been trying to promote Akshay Tritiya in April as a mini-Diwali for shopping. But as this season has mainly been promoted by retailers without much religious sentiment, it has met with a lukewarm response.

- Devita Saraf, 'India Journal: ‘Tis the Season to be Shopping.'


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