Gagging Social Media dissent? Think again.

Dr. Debashish and I opine that trying to gag 'dissent' expressed on Social Media is foolhardy.

Writing in the Hindu Business Line, we say, 'Social media networking has just made word-of-mouth electronic and widespread. The ‘word', positive or negative, was always there and so will it be in the future. According to a recent survey by global Internet content security provider Trend Micro, the percentage of employees visiting social networking sites at the workplace globally rose to 24 per cent this year from just 18 per cent in 2008, even as more companies are restricting access to such Web sites.'

Read our complete opinion-piece here.


Unknown said…
very inforamtive and thought provoking article........excellent
Unknown said…
but the problem is like in marketing world, Research shows that a dissatisfied consumer goes and tell about his experience to 5 people as compare to a satisfied consumer who tells only to 1.

So certainly dissatisfied employees will make more noise than satisfied.

so how to decrease it?

agree that employer should ask about employee satisfaction level in job but how to solve problems like monotonus work .
as in some cases monotonus work increases the employee performance also.

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