What the Delhi Superbug is eating into

Dr. Naresh Trehan is pretty peeved at the New Delhi Delhi Superbug (NDM-1) discovery published by Lancet Infectious Disease journal. And the doctor's got good reason too. Of course not one he tells you, as he did on a TV show a few days ago. The real reason's a probable hiccup, or an extended belch affecting his 'Medicity' plans. After all he badly needs foreigners to throng the medical facility he's building.

Its now being reported that with the NDM-1 superbug news getting stronger every day, India’s business from medical tourism looks set to take a serious dip, as per medical consultants and hospitals. Tamil Nadu probably will take the biggest beating as its capital has been the city that hosts maximum number of medical visas. I guess that's quite worrisome to the good doctor. So he tries his best to make it seem as if there isn't the kind of problem the journal describes. He almost makes it sound as if the report's an insult to our country. What baloney! It reminds me of how some marketers react. When a problem's pointed out, they go into denial mode. Make it seem as if there's a conspiracy to 'down' the brand.

Well, its time someone pointed to our pathetic record when it comes to hygiene and medical standards. That a British journal did it shouldn't have us going bonkers. Instead it should see us setting our house in order. Similarly, should a brand face an outsider's (read, customers') ire, its time to introspect. To set the brand in order, so it can deliver on better value to consumers.

Heeding to an 'error' being pointed out is a smart idea. For a country, as for brands.


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