In the land of the Blind...

'Why then is President Barack Obama pursuing an international nuclear disarmament agreement? It cannot be because he thinks it will work. Even if he were foolish enough to believe that, virtually anybody in the Pentagon can tell him why it won't.

His political advisors, however, can tell him how great that can be for him personally-- if he doesn't already know that. It would be "historic" and an "achievement," just like ObamaCare.

His political base-- the young, the left and the thoughtless-- would be thrilled and energized. That can translate into money donated to his campaign coffers and people willing to walk the precincts to get out the vote for him in the 2012 elections.

It is by no means an irrational thing to do, from Obama's self-centered perspective.

But what does it say about those who take his words literally, who accept those words as, in Thomas Hobbes' words, the money of fools?

First of all, there may be more of such people today than in the past, as a result of the dumbing down of education and the politicizing of education at all levels with anti-nuclear propaganda, along with other propaganda of the left.

International disarmament has long been a favorite crusade of the left, before as well as after the age of nuclear weapons. The period between the two World Wars were full of popular disarmament agreements and renunciations of war.

In fact, such pious agreements contributed to the outbreak of war. Because some nations adhered to these agreements and others did not, the military advantage swung to the latter, who started the war-- in which tens of millions of human beings died.

What a price to pay for accepting words as the money of fools.'

- Thomas Sowell, 'The Disarmament Delusion.'


Matz said…
I dont think any country will follow Obama.
Infact, I dont think the U.S. would follow Obama.
It may be signed on paper, but I am pretty sure that each country will have their set of nukes, just in case.

moving on to another unrelated topic -

Right now, U.S. is loosing its Super Power Tag. And Obama is trying to salvage it.

There is a new player in Town. China

These guys are the next superpower.(or already are)
With their modern day colonialism of Africa, their partnerships with Pakistan (China is the number one supplier of arms to Pakistan), and North Korea. This communistic juggernaut has US owing them, and has raised their industrializations to a level that is difficult to replicate.

That is the reason why you find, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia conducting joint naval exercises.
And to protect themselves from China.
And the US being extremely friendly to India. And refusing to move military bases out of Okinawa, Afghanistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, etc.
Ray Titus said…
I am not so sure about China. Yes, China will be the manufacturing base because of its efficiencies, but I wouldn't bet on any country that doesn't beieve in democracy and Liberty.

Both of those are the heart of firing up human ingenuity. And without people tapping into their inherent ability at innovating, businesses won't stand a chance in the future.

On that count, China fails miserably. Its people that will make superpowers, not weaponry alone.

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