The 'only' Hero

'Funnily, barring Salman, the others are looking less and less like stars today. They are beginning to look like businessmen. Shah Rukh has even hit the cover of a business magazine and is sounding, behaving more like a producer than a star. So is Aamir. What they don't realise is that popular fan bases are not built on the imagery of businessmen or producers. The common man does not admire a bania. The villain in most films of my growing up years was the village mahajan or the city slicker in a white shark skin suit sitting with his bottle of Vat 69. India may have changed. Money is no longer a bad word but the man on the street still admires a hero, not a wealthy man. The iconic hero of Bollywood was for over two decades the Angry Young Man who fought the entire might of the system and brought it tumbling down.

This brings me back to Chulbul Pandey. I am sure Dabangg will be whatever. But what the heck, I love movies where a cracked hero walks through an equally cracked screenplay doing the weirdest, whackiest things, and no one does that better than Salman. Will I ever make a film like that? Unlikely. Will I recommend a film like that? Not over my dead body. Will I go to a sweaty, stinking theatre to watch it, surrounded by screaming, whistling, hysteric Salman fans? Yes, I will. That's the movie watching experience I pay for. It reminds me of my adolescence. It reminds of the time when movies were movies and heroes could do anything and get away with it.'

- Pritsh Nandy, 'The curious appeal of Salman Khan'


Pritish Nandy sounds good. And, Thanks to You, Sir, for blogging about it.

Suggest, You must watch Dabangg. There's nothing like Laughing on 'The Real' Heroic Stuff !! And, there's a Badnaam Munni in it too, who is giving tough competition to Salman for 'Entertainment' !! ;) :)

BTW, Hope You are doing good.

Unknown said…
but writer forgot about the elite group who pays for multiplex tickets and NRI's .

who want to see there stars as good thinkers as well.

and off course thay are not target segment of Dabaang or salman
Aditi Chawla said…
Couldn't agree more with this!
It's the unthinkable (and unreachable) power of the heroes that makes them deserve the adulation a common man, which doesn't even come close to what a wealthy man gets.

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