The Paradox in Consumption

Richa writes brilliantly about the paradox the Indian consumer is, and why businesses mustn't get carried away by the politically correct 'hypes' that consumers agree to because its apt.

Here's Richa's take on the 'health hype',

'Firstly, while there is a fuzzy appreciation about the need to both exercise and modify food intake, physical activity ranks above controlling food intake — in the hierarchy of things which help one be healthy. It’s also important to recognise that there is such noise and hype around “health”, that people feel somewhat pressured to talk the talk. So rather than be seen as out of synch with today’s world, many people would tend to nod their heads vigorously to loaded questions on eating healthy. Hidden in the “I do, I do, I do” is a statement of intent rather than a statement of action...

What is clear is that Indian consumers’ relationship with health is rife with seemingly paradoxical situations, all with their own “consumer logic”. By this logic, you take a walk in the park in the morning, and pack in a parantha (topped with butter) for breakfast, and still consider yourself as following healthy practices. The need to go beyond scratching the surface on health is imperative — to get the consumer to buy your “health” product, not just in consumer research, but in the marketplace too. And understanding the nuances of health and consumer logic is key to successfully tapping the health platform beyond niche markets.

Read her complete piece here.


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