Pride's what ails the CWG

As the CWG lumbers from one disaster to another, that the games would happen seem distant. The problems are aplenty. The chaos but natural to most of what happens in our country. Yet the exhortation of why the games MUST happen always has takers. And pray why? Supposedly its our pride at stake!

Really? If one were step back and consider any endeavour on rational lines, one would see pride as being the worst reason why it must be done. Of course, pride's always quoted so it becomes a rallying point for the masses. And amidst the frenzy that follows there's someone always making money not necessarily by the book. Like I said, pride's bad idea.

The only reason why an endeavour must be pursued is so it can be act of commerce that benefits all associated. And this must be done in a manner transparent so everyone can see, money was spent and money was made. The money made must outstrip what was spent, at least on paper. Else the investment mustn't be sanctioned. Tell you what, despite lousy numbers on paper if an endeavour is commissioned, its the taxpayer who stand to lose, and more so if there's government behind it. I can't think of any taxpayer who would say, its okay, blow away my money because its got to do with national pride.

Pride's as much a lousy reason for marketers too. Brands or businesses exist only because they engage in a value creation process that is profitable. And to ensure that happens, pride must be abandoned to a single minded pursuit of creating superior value for consumers, profitably. Again, no laws can be broken in this pursuit.

I wonder if the chant of national pride will be dropped and replaced by the mantra of commerce. Then maybe CWG stands a chance. Also it would help if it isn't inefficient government that pursues such endeavours, but private institutions who are known to play by the book.


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