Taking the path to the 'Middle'

The honourable Allahabad High court's ruling on the disputed land in Ayodhya is near perfect. For it neither leaves the two parties completely satisfied, nor completely dissatisfied. The glass if gazed at, is both half-full and half empty. Plus there seems to be an implied exhortation to try and settle differences and come to an amicable solution (read, mandir-mosque co-existence).

In all seriousness let me draw a parallel to business. The verdict and its aftermath is akin to what you feel if you buy a Maruti car in India. No sense of elation, no sense of sorrow. A confused sense of feeling okay. Because what you've got is a car that's satisfactory on many counts, dissatisfactory on a few others. And that's why Maruti-Suzuki is the perfect cost leader and top choice to middle-class consumers in India.

The 'path in the middle' is a good one to take when sentiments that threaten to flare up are at play. Because that path dictates restraint, though may still not play out as a perfect solution. I see the Ayodhya verdict as walking the 'middle' path that leaves everyone almost where they were, yet not completely there. Marketers too, targeting the middle class that's looking for fair quality at low prices, require they walk that very same path.

A path that leaves behind satisfied customers.

Not elated though.


Sandeep said…
Ayodhya- while I understand there are many sentiments attached to this verdict, coming to think about it and probably cliche as well - isn't it a total waste of time and effort and a country coming to a standstill over something that happened 500 years ago. As someone correctly said ' we can't change history to justify the politics of today'.

As to treading the middle path - personally I think the judges have done the best they could,considering that restraint and avoiding flaring up of tensions is paramount here. In all probability this could even have been the first instance where the verdict was decided in consultation and 'collusion' with the government- and Good to be!!
Unknown said…
with a dose of political thought?

why this change sir?

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