Someone's telling, Someone's listening

The Wikileaks story in a way is about 'secrets'. That is, if there's one, someone will tell, and someone else will listen. Sure, along the way it'll take someone down, but that won't stop secrets from spilling.

Marketers, beware too. Someone's talking about you. Your products and services. And someone else is listening. Can it make or break you? Maybe not, but it sure will dent you. What can you do? Pretty much nothing, if its the talking and listening. But everything, if its your products and services. Marketers in a world where everyone's turning a message propagator and recipient, must strive to better their consumer offerings. That way, if someone's talking and someone's listening, it'll be good for you.

For they'll be singing praises, and building your brand for you. At zero cost to you.


Pilot said…
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Pilot said…
Something similar here..

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