When 'Push' comes to 'Shove'

Learning's also a psychological engagement. You take to those teachers you connect with, psychologically. And so when it comes to 'pushing', the way Seth Godin stated it, and which I agree to, you're walking a thin line. Turn push into shove, and you may have the learner raising his defenses, and maybe even shutting off from what you have to offer.

I guess its happened to me too. Though I'd like to believe that its been rare. I am delighted at times to know the 'push' worked. Like with Vamshi. He's even had an added reason to disconnect. 'Cos when he came to me broaching the option to 'teach', I told him Marketing's out there. It would be best for him to hit the market, learn, and be back. Of course, our experience of the market won't teach us everything, but it sure will turn us wiser and even humble. And guess what, he did just that.

Vamshi took it well, and I am proud he did that. I guess he's working the market and lovin' it. In fact this is what he wrote in a few days ago, 'We cursed when you pushed us to read more, work on assignments which many of us felt were stopping us from having fun. But now we know how important it was for us to understand. Seth just paints my words. Thank you for pushing us, making our classes more interesting, making us think, learn and yes for writing a blog.'

Tell you what, Vamshi, thank you for being in my class and taking the 'push'. Proud of you!


Unknown said…
push can never turn into shove when prof.'s like you push us.

really your teaching and blog changed the way we think.

i am glad that u taught us.
Ray Titus said…

Thank you, Appreciate it. :)
Unknown said…
Agree with Nikhil, we are glad we had you teaching us.

Thank you Prof. Like you said, it is wonderful to be on the field and learn. Very few teachers spend time to actually get involved.

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