What is isn't what's perceived

'Who would have thought that the man hailed as a great American orator and whose stage at the 2008 Democratic convention was a faux Greek temple would be shown up in terms of the theatricality and articulation of the presidency by the man derided as a tongue-tied bumbler and global village idiot?'

Yeah Toby, who would've thought? But then that's what happens at some time or the other to us as consumers too. The lure of the package, the colours, the promos, the damn name, that's what yanks our 'buy-in'. And then we discover the product's such a let-down. The person's such a bore. The President's actually a teleprompter prompted orator. And only that.

The power of perceptions is potent enough to get the first buy-in. Beyond, and especially if there's functional value delivery required, the brand can't sustain. It will only if there's superior value delivered. For brands to score, they've got to move from 'perceptual' to delightful 'real' territory. A territory of delivery where the value proposition isn't just a 'promised' one.

For Barack, the road hence on is steep. Reality just didn't turnout as promised. And so the fall.


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