Dalit Capitalism

'Too often do policymakers treat capitalism as a system of economics and finance. Too often do they ignore its potential for social transformation. The truth is the tenets of the market and Manu Smriti cannot coexist. When the market's influence increased after 1991, the Dalits did not wait for the state to guide them towards entrepreneurship.

Dalit capitalism today is akin to the origins of a mighty river. The spirit of adventure will find its own course, the journey will take a long time and it will be turbulent. What is certain is this - the Dalit capitalist will be an effective catalyst in ending the community's mental bondage —that is the belief they are inferior, their plight is linked to birth and that the government alone can raise them up.'

- D. Shyam Babu, 'Defying Manu: The Rise of the Dalit Capitalist'.


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