Non-Nano sized Tactical fixes

The New Year's starting well for Tata Nano. December sales have been good. In fact, they've been a leap from a measly 509 units in November to 5784 units in December.

The reasons for the seeming turnaround? Tactical fixes. The product's 'flaming' problem's been fixed. Mass Media communication via print and broadcast is garnering brand awareness. Distribution and Merchandising is getting better with stall sales being planned. An extended warranty of four years and a maintenance contract of Rs. 99/month is helping. So is easy financing of up to 90 percent within 48 hours.

Tata Nano's tactical fixes haven't been nano sized. They have been meticulously planned. No wonder the results too aren't nano sized.


Anonymous said…
Nano- nazar na lage

The "fixes" aren't just tactical in nature, they are more strategic and fall in line with the brands philosophy. If we dive a little deeper there is an underlying insight to it - The new commercial, extended warranty, maintenance package, BTL etc. All these fixes speak the consumers language - they get close to the consumers actual needs.

Nano will be a first car of many of its buyers,therefore assurance is what the fixes like extended warranty, maintenance package take care of

Whereas, The communication on the other hand makes the car aspirational for the one's who would have not thought of buying a car, otherwise.

Backed by BTL - which will take care of trials and hands on experience of the TG with the brand.

It's big Thumps up for Tata Motors, for blending the rational and emotional messages very well.

-Ramesh (one of your students)

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