Egypt is free?

Egypt's taken its first steps to being a Democracy. But it won't be easy. Transitions are difficult because you are moving into unfamiliar territory. Plus abandoning the shackles of the past isn't always the easiest of things. The vacuum Mubarak's exit has created is a dangerous one. Hopefully the Army will keep things stable till elections. And hopefully the radical elements will be rejected come election day.

The worst case scenarios for Egypt in the future are these. The radical elements take over, or Democracy doesn't deliver and we have Putin like puppetry being practiced.

The cautionary tale for Egypt is one about democratic government. It must be one by the people and for the people. Leaders and Bureaucrats (read, Government) in a democracy can turn out to be as stifling and oppressive as it was under an autocrat. Which means Government must be kept in check and minimal. Enough to provide stable governance. Enough to ensure there's a level playing field for inventors and entrepreneurs to thrive. After all, they are the true value creators in a society and the reason for its prosperity.

Hopefully Egypt will choose the way of the 'people'. That is, it will transition into being a 'real' democracy where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed.


Developed nations esp USA professes about a idealistic new world bent on ending inhumanity dedicated to principles and values despite this there are autocrats and governments like Mubarak who are more concerned about US' interest than interest of their people.
Future will reveal whether or not Egypt has broken these shackles of Global politics, and shall the government work for the people of Egypt.

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