The Marketing promise of the future

Isn't it funny that two out of three of us wears ill-fitting clothes? But then an understanding of why this happens helps us see past what's funny.

Why do consumers not tailor their clothes? After all, that would make them look better. And all of us want to look better, don't we?! Three reasons; One, it isn't as convenient tailor-making clothes as buying ready-made ones. The thought of the tailoring process puts most people off. Two, tailoring isn't always the cheaper option, and three, what's the guarantee tailored clothes will turn out to be better fitting? Tailors can be nightmares!

The solutions consumer seek are those that promise, if not the optimum, at least the better solution. What's the implication to that? The prospect of better consumer solutions almost always exist. The ones who see it are the ones who will innovate for the future. For marketers, consumer pain points provide for opportunities for a superior solution.

Which means the market for hassle free, cost-effective, and well tailored clothes exists!


Avneet Arora said…
Dats actually true coz even Levi's in its market survey has revealed that most of the times people tend to buy denims with lot of compromises involved. This in turn lead to the Levi's new product range of denims which focused on three different shapes rather than sizes.
Ray Titus said… fact Levi's is a great example of 'Mass Customisation'. Personalising for the masses...delivering on unique value...

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