What awaits

It blows me away to know there's so much I don't know. And not just information-wise. There's so much I haven't felt, seen, heard or tasted yet! Means there's so much more excitement that awaits, this life.


It again blows me away to know there's so much consumers don't know. For instance what the solutions of tomorrow will be. And what those solutions might do to better their everyday lives. Of course, it isn't just products or services. Its experiences too. The best news for marketers is that consumers haven't yet experienced what they may, through consumption acts. At a simpler level it could even be just the way they've been treated. Bet there are millions of consumers who haven't yet been 'delighted' by marketers. Imagine that. It opens up a world of commerce opportunity.

Tell you what, the businessworld will hold opportunities to pilot 'newer' consumer experiences till kingdom come. So will the world. For us.


Unknown said…
especialy in india its huge

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