What's common to Politics & Consumption?

I am not surprised Baba Ramdev wants to join politics. After all, what are you supposed to do when you're cash rich and don't have a clue about anything other than yoga?

But then there's a question that's worth the ask. Should he? Well, the chances of getting that answer right heightens if one understands the discipline that 'Consumer Behaviour' is. The technical question is, how relevant is the Ramdev brand in politics? Sure his incredible ability to get his body to do calisthenics has made him over a thousand crores, but will it help in getting people to cast their lot with him at the voting booths?

First things first. Its a myth that voters want a clean system. The kind that Ramdev is promising. Voters actually seek a system that's conducive to their own selves. Not one that's 'clean'. Clean's good only as long as its good to me. And so the question is, will the Ramdev brand of politics be good for me? In short, what can he do for me? Yoga's no good 'cos I ain't the biting kind when it comes to body contortions. Tell you what, I don't think he's getting my vote. I need more than body circus.

The act of voting is similar to an act of consumption. Though it may sound far-fetched, its true. As with consuming, voting too is about trying to find solutions to human needs. The only difference is, with the former one has a greater guarantee of need fulfillment, with the latter one can only hope. A lousy hope at that.

What can I say, on the count of need fulfillment, I don't believe yoga can do much!


Unknown said…
In voting credbility matters alot than in consumption.

I think he will win
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
"a system that's conducive to their own selves" will be expected later from the service first let it perform its basic functionality.

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