Breeding Socialism means breeding free-loaders

I'd say round up the anarchist-thugs who rioted in London and ship them to Cuba or Venezuela where government runs all 'programs'. After all, isn't that the kind of place they want to be?

Protesting against government public spending cuts isn't about protecting government programs from closure. Its more about ensuring tax money is wasted on freeloaders who make merry working in such programs. Programs that we know from experience benefit no one except the ones working in them.

Socialism promises you an equitable society but does exactly the opposite. In the socialist world (the kind India was in the past and is still is in many ways) people working in private businesses slave at their jobs with zero security while government funded institutions use the private citizen's tax money to breed freeloaders who enjoy total job security with zero accountability. Imagine that. They (government workers) make hay on a sun that blooms on our (read, workers in private firms) sweaty backs!

Its high time England did something about government freeloaders. If that means they have to bear the brunt of such thuggish attacks, so be it. Like I said, round 'em and ship 'em. To Cuba. Or Venezuela.


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