The 'Change' sequence

At a personal level, going through 'change' will see you traversing four stages. I hope I don't sound like the new age gurus who mouth inanities and use it to take others to the cleaners. Anyway, here goes.

Stage one's 'realization', followed by 'affliction', 'rehabilitation' and finally 're-incarnation'. That means change requires that you first realise you need it. This will then be followed by a state of struggle and anguish. If you get through it hopefully with help, you'll start the healing process which is your rehabilitation. Finally you emerge, reborn as a new person.

If you are wondering what this has to do with consumers and their behaviour be rest assured this is what happens to us as consumers too. Look at what liberalisation brought with it, in India. New products and services and of course, new attitudes that forced a change to the way we live. Many, especially the pre-liberalised generation couldn't handle the change. Though realisation dawned, they couldn't get on and are still stuck at the affliction stage trying to fight what's become inevitable. Their only hope lies in adapting to new technologies and attitudes. And if they can do that, they can start rehabilitating to a changed world and emerge anew.

I know, easier said than done.


S@m said…
very nicely put ... i would lyk to put nther prospect to this ..i feel the sequence goes like this .. it starts with "soup lacks salt" stage where u find that something is missing ... then comes the "finding the bride" stage where u search for alternatives and select the one u feel u'll be most compatible wid for a longer run.. then comes the "adaptation" stage where u try to adjust with d change .. and it ends wid the "compromise" stage where u end ur efforts of adjusting and accept the change ... the process does not end ever ... its a cycle.
Ray Titus said…
Funny...seen too many lousy marriages...huh?
S@m said…
still denying de fact that "soup lacks salt" .. enjoyin my bachelor-hood

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