Senseless behaviour & its consequence

Can it get any more senseless?

Baby Hadas who is all of three months old, her brothers Elad and Yoav (3 & 11 years old) along with their parents, Udi and Ruth Fogel are stabbed to death by those who are supposedly fighting Israel's 'unlawful' occupation. Also, how do Gaza residents respond to this brutality? They celebrate with sweets!

What's equally pathetic is how the liberal media has chosen to report this unimaginable brutality. The likes of NY Times ran the story without the names of the dead. Plus they wrung hands on how Israel's response of more settlements will impact the peace process.

Freedom by the blood of an infant is in fact a cursed journey into barbarity. For such freedom doesn't set anyone free. Instead it imprisons the human mind and bars it from knowing what freedom truly means.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


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