What's common to a Phone & Roast Chicken

Pop psychology means you get to hear ludicrous stuff. Like for example, if its couples not being able to get along we hear exhortations to open up greater channels of communication. Meaning they've got to talk to each other, more.

Really? That will help?

Me thinks increased bouts of silence is what could help. Why? Well, if there's something that's most misunderstood, its conversations. I mean, are we really smart when it comes to talking? Do we talk knowing well there's so much a probability we will be misunderstood? Especially if its spousal talk. For example, I may say I wanna help with the roast chicken. And my wife responds, 'you don't like my cooking?' C'mon, it was talk aimed at genuine help, and look where it got me!

Communicating ain't easy. It requires that we be highly perceptive when it comes to the other person's psyche. Understanding and empathising is what puts us in a league where we end up acing our talk.

Its the same with marketers. Day in, day out , I come across Marketing communiques where I can't figure what the brand's trying to say. Or I misunderstand what the brand's telling. To arrest such problems, brand communication must be designed from the perspective of the consumer-recipient. It must talk a language that's understood by target consumers. Too often the arrogant 'creative' guys are talking creative gibberish (read, advertisements and commercials) consumers can't decipher. The result? A brand identity gone horribly wrong!

Now it doesn't matter if its roast chicken, or a mobile phone, communicating either isn't easy. The ones who can do it well are the ones who can step out their own hoighty-toighty shoes, and slip into the ones listeners wear.

Oh, and last night we had roast chicken. And a conversation. Both were perfect!


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