Why this win's different

I am glad India won. But even gladder the way the match was won. No one walked out of the game a demi-god. Meaning post match, no one did the swagger walk or talk. Fact is, no one could, the way the match was won. The existing god Sachin scratched around with immense luck to get the runs he got. Yuvraj, prone to the swagger did the duck walk, though he compensated with the ball. Zaheer couldn't spit fire as he was swatted around the park. The list goes on.

I am hundred percent with Mukul Kesavan when he describes Dhoni as the guy who's level headed and worth emulating. Win or lose he's got the guts and the grace to take it in his stride. But not so, many others in the team, and of course not the jingoistic fans. Its them this match has silenced. They've thankfully lost out on an opportunity to go Pak-bashing. After all, the Pakistanis did play well, and gracefully.

Not going overboard with either extreme exhilaration or grief doesn't come easy to many. Thank God it does to Dhoni. And so most often we witness a mature reaction from Captain Cool. This no matter what the result. Dhoni's balanced attitude is something we all can learn from. As much in life, as when we turn consumers. Products after all are just inanimate entities. They help us live our lives better. No more, no less. Yet products end up meaning more. We even let them make us who we aspire to be. The insistence that we have them and can't do without them is dangerous territory. For such obstinacy ensures they become our source of joy or sorrow.

Pity. For a game's just a game, no matter what. Just as materiel possessions are just materials.

Though I know, easier said than done!


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